Al Capone’s Hideaway – Couderay, Wisconsin




Al Capone’s Hidaway and Steakhouse is closed!!  Do not go there, it is not open and you can’t tour the building.

Al Capone’s Hideaway
Couderay, Wisconsin

Step outside this century, and join the mob back to the Roaring Twenties, when you dine and tour Al Capone’s Hideaway in Couderay, Wisconsin. There is so much more here than just fine dining, cocktails and a snack bar. Al offers up a Roaring Twenties Museum, guided tours and a gift shop. It’s a shame it’s kept so well-hidden, as it’s something no one should miss.

Reportedly, famous Chicago gangster, Al Capone, used this place in Couderay, Wisconsin as a hideout from the likes of Elliott Ness, and anyone else meant to bring him down. During the walking guided tour, you will be introduced to the mob boss’s main lodge on the property, with its hand-cut stone fireplace and custom-made spiral staircases created in Chicago. You will also see the Gun Tower, where machine gun-armed guards watched out for the authorities whenever Capone was hiding out.

AAA recommends the Hideout as a place of exceptional interest in the Northwest Wisconsin region. The museum itself is nationally recognized for its artifacts from the 1929 St. Valentine’s Day massacre, and memorabilia of Elliott Ness and The Untouchables. You don’t need Geraldo Rivera to open a vault to see any of this, as it’s open to the public, and guaranteed to hold more than a few empty liquor bottles.

The fine dining restaurant of Al Capone’s Hideout in Wisconsin includes a menu of porterhouse and other steaks, chicken, pork chops, seafood such as stuffed shrimp, glorious Italian cuisine such as Sirloin Italiano, Shrimp Scampi, and veal parmigiana, and some of the best prime rib you will find. And, of course, the Hideaway features a terrific Friday Night Fish Fry of Icelandic Haddock. Despite bringing you back to the time of prohibition, cocktails are served both here and in the snack bar, which includes items such as Chicago style hot dogs, pizza, and ice cream.

Al Capone’s Hideout restaurant, museum and gift shop, located at 12101 West County Road CC in Couderay, Wisconsin is open seasonally from Mother’s Day through Memorial Day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only. From Memorial Day through mid September, it is open daily. The restaurant is open from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM, but is closed on Mondays. The snack bar is open daily from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Guided tours are conducted hourly from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM May through Labor Day, and 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM after that. Stop in the gift shop, too, open daily from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Phone: 715-945-2746

Don’t leave the area without stopping at Al Capone’s Hideout. You’ll leave having a full belly, and learning much about a bygone era. And if you’re lucky, you’ll also leave without the cement shoes.


  1. Colleen Ball says:

    Interested in visiting Al Capone’s Hideway in Couderay, Wisconsin this Holiday season, (Dec. 24-January 1st , 2008-09.) Can you tell me if there is a website for this fabulous restaurant and directions to it? We will be staying at a private home in Siren, Wisconsin.
    Thank you.

  2. Here is the contact informaiton for the Hideout.
    THE HIDEOUT 12101 W. Cty. Rd. CC Couderay, WI 54828 Phone 715-945-2746 Fax 715-945-2373


  4. The Hideaway is open until Labor Day so don’t plan on going when you are going for Applefest. Sorry.

    The Editor
    Pat Watson

  5. Is this place still open? Their website no longer exists, and no one answers the phone.

  6. The “place” is open from May to Labor Day, as stated in the informaiton above so look for them again in May and go and enjoy the experience!

  7. Mary Edge says:

    I was just up in that area June 21 and after some extensive looking found Al Capones hideaway. I was closed for the season. So if you looking to go there it will not happen. I was very disappointed!! I was very anxious to go there and it was closed. Bummer Even tried calling the phone number and could not get through.

  8. Went to see it 2 years ago, it was great & the food was so good & drinks also. Went to see Public Enemy & wanted to take my son & his wife up there. I thought it was so interesting. Sorry to hear it is shut down. What a shame, couldn’t some gangster reopen itLOL

  9. Ron Schacht says:

    I was just past the former site of “the hideway”. I am pretty sure it is goe for good. The huge sign on highway CC pointing down the driveway is nothing but two tall utility poles with a “AAA recommeded” sign on top. All of the signs concerning the hideway are gone. Also no mention of it in the Hayward summer happenings as there always was. Maybe they were closed due to tax evasion!!!

  10. SIlverShadow says:

    Was foreclosed on this past spring. The sheriff’s auction is 8 Oct…The bank is reportedly not going to accept less that $2.6 million

  11. The hideout has been reported closed and for sale by the news media in Milwaukee.

  12. I LOVED IT!!!! Food was good and you feel like you step back in time! if I had to say it I’d give it 5 stars!

  13. Margaret Frey says:

    I have visited many times in the past, over a number of years, whilst on vacation from London, England and staying with family who have a trailer at a nearby lake. Will be visiting again in August 2010 and do hope someone gets this wonderful restaurant going again. The food and atmosphere was always great, and was the highlight of my visit to that area. Do hope we are going to be in luck!!

  14. It is open and welcoming you to come and visit. The owner said they have been open for 37 years!

  15. Margaret Frey says:

    Thrilled to see the hideaway and restaurant have been opened again, looking forward to my visit with my American family in August.

  16. Margaret Frey says:

    My family tried to visit last weekend 10th July 2010 but said it was closed, and certainly did not look like opening any time soon. Perhaps this notice that it is now open is a mistake. Perhaps they had intended opening but not able to get ready in time. Unfortunately we will have to find another restaurant for our large family visit!! Very disappointing. Even if it was open would not be the same without all the artefacts and house visit.

  17. Is the restaurant open or not? I called the phone number and it’s disconnected Please let me know since we want to take a trip there and don’t want to make the trip in vain.

  18. I spoke with the owner just the other day, they are open and looking forward to your visit.

  19. Oh my, correction!! Although I spoke with the owner the other day and he said all was good I just tried the number and got the disconnect message. I’m going to try something else but for now, it doesn’t appear that I have the right information. IT IS CLOSED. SORRY.

  20. The chamber of commerce article said that the resort has been closed since 2009. Bummer

  21. The Couderay location is closed. There are other Al Capone restaurants that are in other cities. Make sure you know what restaurant you are calling. The Couderay location has been closed for 1-2 years now and was in quite disrepair before it closed.

  22. I read a story that a couple from North Carolina were in negotiations to buy this place. It was sold to an Indian Tribe. The couple was asking for money donations to purchase the place and/or artifacts to decorate it once they bought it (which when interviewed, Gudrun Casper made it sound as if they were going to be the purchasers). Did anyone send them any money? Did they return the money they received? Sounds like they took the money and ran.

  23. It’s to bad they have to get rid of history! There was so much to see and do in the area. It would be nice if someone could buy these places and fix them the way they were in their day. My husband would love to bring my son there!

  24. I was just up there this new years eve and had a heck of a time finding it, so I asked a local… he said the tribe did in fact buy it. Gate is up, and I can see why the natives want their land back, it is a beautiful area. It still would be nice if they allowed people to check it out whether or not a business is present

  25. I just spoke with the person that was suppose to buy Al Capone’s Hideout. The Hidout is closed and won’t be open to the public anytime soon. There is a legal battle going on between the bank, Indain Reservation and her. The Hidout was completely gutted by the orginal owner. He took everything that orginally belong to Al Capone! So don’t make any plans on going here. So very sad this has happened!!!!

  26. It is closed. I’m a contractor and am around the area regularly. Last time I was there was for an auction, there was a greenhouse on the property. It is a very beautiful place, and I doubt they’ll demolish the buildings. There wasn’t much to tour…a house, boathouse, garage, and gun tower. 1/2 hour maybe tops to see it all. I have a friend who “acquired” capones dining table, chairs, and curio-cigar burns and all. I’m sure other locals “acquired” other things from the property.