The Amazing Milwaukee Race on Bikes – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Teams of two experience Milwaukee landmarks and businesses on an amazing urban adventure with great activities, puzzles, and clues that take you from start to finish. A one day “Amazing Race.”

The Amazing Milwaukee Race creates a unique one-day “Amazing Race” experience that utilizes the city landscape as its racecourse.

Showcasing Milwaukee landmarks and engaging local businesses, the race is a sequential treasure/ scavenger hunt. The race has various challenges with clues and activities that must be completed to make it to the finish line.

Requirements to participate in the race:
•All participants must be over 21
•A fun attitude and a sense of humor

The race starts at 11:00 am, and shuts down after 5:00. The closing ceremony will occur at 5:00 PM or after the last team checks in. A team’s end time will be recorded when both members have crossed the finish line. Determination of arrival order is at the sole discretion of the race organizers and staff.

The racecourse is designed around several areas in Milwaukee. Plan to cover 4-10 miles on foot. The course is predetermined, but not designated for the racers. Each clue will tell you the next part of the course.

Start Line
Next Act Theatre
255 S. Water St.
Parking – We recommend people use the Third Ward Parking structure on Chicago and Water St. but street parking near the theatre is available

Teams may only travel by foot or public transit:
You may walk, run, or use public transportation to get from one clue location to the next.
•Teams may not use any form of private transportation or accept any rides, unless otherwise stated during the race. This includes taxis, private cars, motorcycles, in-line skates, escorts, pedi-cabs, bicycles, helicopters, horses, or any other form of private transportation.

During the race every team MUST:
➢ Obey all local laws, regulations, and traffic laws. Participants are solely responsible for their actions and the consequences of those actions during Your Amazing Milwaukee Race.
➢ Comply with the directions of The Amazing Milwaukee Race organizers, local authorities and property and/or venue owners and managers.
Competing safely is our number one concern. Please watch for all oncoming traffic. There is no set course and there will be no blocked off streets for you to race through. Please obey all traffic laws.

During the race teams MAY NOT:
➢ Interfere with other teams or block their progress.
➢ Engage in unsportsmanlike or illegal conduct, including but not limited to verbal or physical aggression towards the public, local officials, other participants, or The Amazing Milwaukee Race staff, or acts of vandalism, theft, or harassment.
The Amazing Milwaukee Race organizers reserve the right to disqualify any participant or team for any reason at any time. All rulings of the race organizers will be final.

All participants are required to sign a video and photo release.

Clues are obtained in the order the course dictates. Teams will have no idea where they will be asked to go or what they will have to do until they receive their next clue. Teams do not have the option to skip a clue. Keep your clues – All clues need to be turned in to win the race.

Clues will take on different forms- some will be direct, and others will be indirect; some clues will be physical, and some will be mental.
As previously stated: “The Amazing Milwaukee Race creates an ‘Amazing Race’ experience.” We do our best to provide an experience inspired by the TV show, including:
•Route Info: Tells you where to go, sometimes tells you how to get there.
•Roadblock: Only one team member is allowed to complete the task.
•Detour: A choice of two or more tasks.
•Intersection: A task that must be completed with another team.
•Bunching: A locale or situation that is meant to slow first arriving teams to give remaining teams a chance to catch up.
There may be some frustrating elements along the course- all meant in the best of fun. Just like the TV show, the race is controlled chaos.

Teams will need to check in at various checkpoints. If more than one team is present at a clue site at the same time, the teams will complete the activity in the order in which they arrived. The Amazing Milwaukee Race organizers reserve the right to delay any team until the previous team has completed the activity before allowing the next team to begin.

Contact: Adam Baus, Race Director  for future races
1914 N. Prospect Ave. #2
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 698 4142