Extreme World – Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin


bungee jump, go-kartsExtreme World – Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

If you are interested in going to an amusement park while you are in the Dells then you will want to visit Extreme World where you can ride on the Skycoaster, try bungee jumping or any number of other rides.  Join your kids driving the Go-Karts and enjoy the laughter that will follow.

Discover what you feel while freefalling 100 feet at speeds of u to 60-65 mph and then recovering barely 6 feet off the ground and going soaring 90 feet in to the air again in less than 4 seconds!  You have to have a pretty strong stomach to handle this ride!

Now do you feel like a REALLY scary ride?  The go to the ejection seat.  At 130 feet, the bungee jump is the only jump in the Midwest that provides an ankle-harness free fall.  You will fall toward the ground at up to 40 miles an hour and just as you reach the ground you will feel yourself decelerate and rocket instantly back into the sky.  You will “bounce out”, and then you and the elevator are lowered back to the deck.

Don’t want to have your ankles hold you back?  Try the Terminal Velocity where you do an unattached, controlled free fall.  You will ascent to the top in a special elevator.  A staff member activates the descend system and releases you after a short countdown.  Airtubes and break suspensions around the double net stop your fall so softly that you will feel no impact.  Upon landing, the entire device is lowered a short distance to the ground.   

The ride on the Terminal Velocity : $34.95 for the first drop, $20 for second drop, there are no second drops on Saturday nights.  Same pricing for the Ejection Seat and Bungee Jump.

Go-Karts are $7.75 per ride.

Skycoaster rides are: $19.95 one ride, $10 for the second.  No second rides offered on Saturday nights.

Hours: Summer Hours (Memorial Day – Labor Day) 10 AM – 10 PM

Address: 1800 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin 53965

Phone: 608-254-4111

Email: info@extremeworld.com

Open: Year-round (indoor activities)